Daisy Dreams

Handcrafted Ceramic Tableware

Daisy Dreams is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be. Available in refreshing mint grey and matt pastel pink.


Handcrafted Ceramic Tableware

No flower can lift your spirits quite like sunflowers. Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity.


Handcrafted Ceramic Tableware

Inspired by Oceans and waves.

Plum Blossom

Handcrafted Tableware Collection

The Plum blossom symbolize perseverance and hope. As well as beauty and purity.

Wild Rose

Handcrafted Ceramic Tableware

The Wild Rose is a symbol of love. It is understood that anything said ‘under the rose’ will never be repeated elsewhere.

Art Series

Solid Mango Wood products with Enamel Finish

Art inspired by Nature. Enjoy the beauty of each piece while using them as they are designed to function well.


Wooden Tableware Collection

Our wooden tableware is durable and versatile. Choose with confidence.

about us

Yellow Marigold is a self-expression which nurtures creativity & functionality to
ensure a beautifully decorated home that not only functions well but also reflects the
personality of the one who makes that house a home.

Founded in 2018, Yellow Marigold is committed to the traditional crafts of India
while giving it a modern twist.

Yellow Marigold is a self-expression which nurtures creativity & functionality to ensure a beautifully decorated home that not only functions well but also reflects the personality of the one who makes that house a home.

Founded in 2018, Yellow Marigold is committed to the traditional crafts of India while giving it a modern twist.

Spring Summer Collection 2020

Daisy Dreams

Handcrafted Ceramic Tableware

Spring Summer Collection 2020


Handcrafted Metal Products

Spring Summer Collection 2020

Wild Rose

Handcrafted Ceramic Tableware


Spring Summer Collection 2020


Handcrafted Ceramic Tableware


Spring Summer Collection 2020

Art Series

Handcrafted Art Series


Spring Summer Collection 2020

Plum Blossom

Handcrafted Ceramic Tableware


Spring Summer Collection 2020

Wood Wonder

Handcrafted Woodenware


Spring Summer Collection 2020


Handcrafted Ceramic Tableware


Customer Reviews

  • Menu is carefully curated. I bet no other cafe/restaurant is serving some of these dishes in the radius of at-least 300 kms. Fellow vegans, you can eat here as well ! Owner is a super cool lady with a passion for hospitality. Service is amazing. Will keep visiting. Thank you !

    thumb Akhilesh

    Just how Marigolds symbolize positive energy and are commonly referred to as warmth of the Sun, Yellow Marigold with its positive essence is Dehradun’s one of a kind Concept Studio and Café. Situated at the heart of the city near Buddha Chowk, Yellow Marigold, house café & an experience studio is an attempt to bring an exclusive space for people where one can savor scrumptious food while enjoying a beautiful cozy ambiance. One can also indulge in a shopping experience of their wide range of handcrafted ceramic tableware, teaware, serve-ware and home décor items. The vibe of this place is very homely, like a vintage English open kitchen. They have a concise menu to select from, which makes it easier to decide. We can try their comforting soups, salads, pastas, sushi and gyoza. Infusion teas and coffees. The most recommended cuisine is the Yellow Marigold Special Burmese Khowsuey which is a meal in a bowl, perfect for winters. Keema pao, heavenly, with the right number of spices. I even relished their range of Sushi. The chef prepares food with the most authentic techniques and flavor, using fresh ingredients and it is evident with each morsel that you taste. The food is worth every rupee you spend. They even offer take away facility. Isn’t that the best? The owner Ella, is very kind and hospitable and personally makes sure that the diners are comfortable and attended to. Yellow Marigold is a reflection of her warm personality. A must visit this place! So, say they say, when at Yellow Marigold, you Eat, Meet, Shop and Repeat!

    thumb Tanya Husain
  • This is Dehradun’s first Studio and Cafe where you not only can shop but also can eat various south asian continental cuisines in cosy ambiance! •It serves authentic food prepared with fresh ingredients. •Its ‘Burmese Khowsuey' and ‘Sushi’ are a must-have! •They have a wide range of tableware, serve ware ,vases and many more products which are eye catching and unique. And as they have kept their tagline “Eat. Meet. Shop. Repeat”, you would totally love this studio & house cafe, love their food and their unique crockeries. For more honest reviews follow my Instagram page: @tempting_lacocinas

    thumb Tempting Lacocinas Aayushi

    Nice place...

    thumb Namita Richard
  • Over all good food and service as well...

    thumb Naresh Rana

    thumb ajay rawat
  • An amazing experience! Fabulous food. Ended up coming here for lunch and dinner to try out different cuisines. Ella’s attention to detail makes the experience all the more memorable!

    thumb karan singh

    thumb Ravi Prakash
  • thumb chandrakant Jaiswal

    Marvelous experience, quality of the food is the best value for money..keep it up Vegetarian options: Apart from Italian if some North Indian veg delight can be added with same essence

    thumb Ajay Parkash Sharma
  • thumb Mohit Negi

    Finally an all-rounder!!! Bright and positive ambience Great tasting food & portion size Courteous & Happy Staff... Yellow Marigold is indeed an Experience! Thank you Ella Garg for this wonderful cafe!!!

    thumb Robin Nagar
  • Great food. Amazing ambiance. Outstanding hospitality. Will be back

    thumb Gautam Anand


    thumb Riya Rawat
  • thumb rohan raj

    It was such a wonderful experience visiting Yellow Marigold house cafe. An excellent place with a pleasant ambiance, an extensive menu that is not confusingly long, a pretty decor that displays the brand’s beautiful products offered for purchase, and above all, the food quality and taste are worth every penny. Extra brownie points for the owner’s enthusiastic customer service. A feast for all five senses, I absolutely loved everything about this place!

    thumb Tanya Gupta
  • Delightful ambience Great service and good food. Not to mention the unique artifacts,kitchen and tableware. Goodluck

    thumb Toral Sharan

    1st visit to Yellow Marigold was a awesome experience. The food menu was very different than the regular joints in town and the food quality was exceptional. Added to the food is the wonderful range of earthen pottery and wooden artifacts which can be purchased too. Full points to team Yellow Marigold to have curated such a gr8 place in doon . Wishing them all success .

    thumb Vikas Dewan
  • What a wonderful experience we had at Yellow Marigold! It's a beautiful place to be in with exceptional high quality of food which tingles your taste buds with every new dish you order. And of course, Ella is a perfect hostess. Go experience it!

    thumb Harry Juneja

    The vegetarian dim sums and Khow suey were delicious. The best I have tasted so far. Waiting to go back and try their other dishes on the menu. Their products are also very beautiful, elegant. A lot of thought has been put in the details of the store as well as the cafe. It’s my go to store for gifts. Thanks Ella for opening this elegant eclectic experience studio.

    thumb alka sood
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    Email us here at hello@yellowmarigold.in

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    You will receive an email to confirm receipt of order.

    Will I be able to track my order?

    Yes you will receive a tracking code by email and you can track you order online.

    Will I be able to return the item if I am not happy?

    Yes of course, please see our returns policy here.

    Is my personal information kept private?

    All information received through our site remains completely private and confidential please view our privacy policies here.



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